Heathcliff is Coming Back… In Game Form

January 7, 2010 |

by RawmeatCowboy

You guys know who Heathcliff is, right? Of course you…might not. Heathcliff was a wise-cracking cartoon cat…the lesser-known of the cartoon cats at that. Let’s just show you the cartoon’s intro to get you acquainted with the character.

Well, believe it or not, Heathcliff is coming back into the pop culture stream via video games. There’s no doubt his first game outing is going to hit Wii and DS, even though Storm City Entertainment doesn’t specifically say what platforms the cat will land on.

“We’re thrilled to be involved with this project, and look forward to bringing Heathcliff to life in a series of all-ages games that will entertain and amuse. In an adventure-driven world of sass and attitude, Heathcliff is a role model, and the gaming possibilities that can be created for him are endless.” – Storm City Entertainment CEO Susan Kain-Jurgensen

Now all you have to do is hold your breath until Fall 2011, when the first game is slated to come out.